Edeltech Group provides its customers with a wide range of solutions for complex energy projects. Since its establishment, the Group and EZOM – its operational arm, has provided true value to its customer base and investors, through the construction and operation of advanced and stable power plants.


Numerous variables affect the feasibility of the project and its construction, even in the development stage. The success of the project is measured, among other things, by its ability to create synergy between the needs of the customer and the various players, such as the regulator, investors and other stakeholders. Edeltech Group possesses in-depth familiarity and has extensive experience in ongoing work with all these parties, which help promote realization of complex energy projects.


The design of energy projects and infrastructure requires a combination of advanced engineering knowledge, familiarity with the regulatory conditions, technology abilities and market needs. Edeltech Group is one of the only energy companies in Israel that has this broad-based knowledge in house.


Edeltech has proven experience obtaining financing with good terms for complex projects, bringing investors on board and creating a financing platform, which together create a stable flow of income over time.


Construction of advanced energy facilities requires the highest levels of knowledge by the contractors. Edeltech Group employs the finest and most experienced professionals in their fields, who have the construction of a range of energy plants to their credit – all of which are leaders in electricity production in Israel.


EZOM – the group’s operational arm – is one of the pioneers in provision of operating, ongoing maintenance and heavy maintenance to power plants and various industrial facilities throughout the entire country. EZOM is committed to providing reliable service, tailored to the customer, and to provide a rapid and high-quality response. For more information, visit the EZOM website: www.ezom.co.il

Management of electricity trading

The group has knowledge of management of electricity trading for power plants, including use of advanced technology systems that make it possible to forecast consumption and manage electricity.