Kochav HaTavor Energy

The power plant Kochav HaTavor is a natural gas-fired power plant that is planned to be built on land of Moshav Ramat Tzvi, about 3.5 km away from the Moshav.

The power plant will produce approx. 1,200MW of electricity for customers in the region and across Israel, with cutting-edge technology which uses natural gas as the main fuel for the power generation, and will be linked to the transmission lines of Israel Electric Corporation.

The location of the plant was chosen following a comprehensive survey of the open areas in the region, in search for a location where the plant will not be unsightly to the region’s residents. The selected location is surrounded by mountains and hills, at a point where the ground is slightly lower than the surrounding area. Furthermore, the plant will be encircled by a levee that will keep it hidden and reduce its visibility from the homes of the residents as well as the roads in the area.

The planning of the plant aims to reduce its visual footprint to a minimum, and enable maximum integration into the surrounding natural landscape.

Kochav HaTavor power plant is committed to comply with the most stringent air quality and environmental standards, and will spare no cost in order to ensure that its operation causes no environmental harm to the area’s flora, fauna, rivers and soil.

Natural gas-fired electricity production is clean and efficient – with 99% less emissions of SO2 particles in comparison to coal-fired power plants, and 34% less emissions of NOX particles.

In addition, a continuous air-quality monitoring system will be installed in the power plant stack, which will transmit data around the clock to the Regional Municipal Association, and will be ready available on the website of the Ministry of Environmental Protection. The emission concentrations will comply with the binding standards set forth in the emission permit that will be issued to the plant, and any emission deviation will result in immediate cessation of the facility’s operation, until the malfunction is repaired.

Pursuant to the requirements and directives of the Ministry of Energy, an emergencies-only diesel tank will be built at the plant, that will contain the minimal required quantity of diesel. The tank will be built, protected and secured so as to prevent any contact of diesel with the soil, according to the instructions of the Home Front Command.

In addition, fire extinguishing measures will be installed at the plant, that are able to provide an instantaneous response to diesel combustion without any environmental damage in or outside the facility.