Dorad Energy

Dorad Energy

Dorad Energy Ltd. incorporated in 2002 in order to engage in the production of electricity and the supply thereof to private end users.

The Company set up a combined cycle (CCGT) power plant south of Ashkelon, powered by natural gas as the main fuel and diesel oil (as backup) with a production capacity of about 860MW at a cost of $1.3 billion. All of the power plant’s electricity production capacity was sold to end customers at competitive rates to a variety of leading companies in the Israeli market, including: the Ministry of Defense, food companies, industrial companies, banks, Mekorot, Osem, Israeli Aerospace Industries, Dan Hotels, Fattal Hotels Chain, Isrotel, Gazit Globe, Keter Plastic, Strauss, many kibbutzim and more.

The electricity is transmitted to the Company’s customers through the transmission and distribution lines of the IEC, pursuant to the provisions of the Electricity Sector Law, 5756-1996 and its regulations, and the criteria and rates set by the Public Utility Authority – Electricity.

In November 2010, Dorad Energy carried out a financial closing and in March 2011 it began the construction of the first large private power plant in Israel, whose commercial operation began in May 2014. The project contractor, who was responsible for the planning, operation and running-in of the facility, until it was handed over, was Wood Group.

Ezom, owned by Edeltech, operates and maintains the power plant commencing from its commercial operation.