Ramat Negev Energy

Ramat Negev Energy

Ramat Negev Energy brings new energy of change to the Neot Hovav Industrial Zone. The power plant has been built at the Adama Makhteshim plant, with an investment of about $200 million. In August 2012 the financing agreements (financial closing) were signed with a consortium of financers led by Bank Leumi Le-Israel which was joined by – Clal Insurance Company Ltd., Menorah Mivtachim and Pssagot. The financing agreement which was signed, included the financing of the Ramat Negev Energy Ltd. and Ashdod Energy Ltd. power plant[s] at a total of over NIS 1 billion plus equity. M+W Israel was elected as the project’s EPC contractor and in February 2013 the stage of construction of the project, which had reached commercial operation had been launched on December 2015 at the site.

The construction of the power plant creates direct and indirect employment with over 350 EPC personnel, most of whom are from towns in the area, and provides work for many plants and contractors in Israel. The power plant is operated through natural gas as the main fuel and diesel oil as backup.

For the purpose of supply of natural gas, the Company signed a natural gas supply agreement with the Tamar Partnership and with Israel Natural Gas Lines for high pressure transportation and with Negev Natural Gas Ltd. for low pressure distribution. The power plant’s production capacity is about 120 MW electricity with a combined cycle (gas turbine, steam generators and steam turbine) and about 110 tons of steam/hour. The power plant supplies all of the electricity and steam needs of Adama Makhteshim plant at reduced costs and through the national electricity grid, it supplies the surplus electricity and steam to other consumers and to the IEC.

Efficient, low-cost and green!

In addition to the production and supply of electricity, the power plant supplies at high redundancy to the Makhteshim plant and to plants at Neot Hovav, industrial services of various types, such as steam, treated water and compressed air:

Steam – the power plant produces steam at a maximal quantity of about 110 tons steam per hour through two steam generators (HRSG) and to the extent necessary, through the addition of support burners, the steam production capacity can even reach about 135 tons of steam per hour. The steam is being supplies to the Adama Makhteshim plant and other plants at Neot Hovav.

Treated water – the water treatment plant, with a production capacity of about 300 m3 per hour with RO and EDI technology, allows the supply of the treated water required for the power plant and the various end consumers, for the purposes of the steam supply and all while maintaining water saving and maximal redundancy. Compressed air  compressed air supply is based on screw air-compressors, while at any time, one compressor serves as backup.

Operation of the power plant during the operation years, will be carried out by Ezom, the company which operates and maintains also the Dorad Energy Ltd. and Ashdod Energy power plants.