In 1989, a small group of entrepreneurs joined forces to establish the Edeltech Group - a company that would specialize in entrepreneurship in the “blue-and-white” energy and infrastructures, would be able to provide professional and innovative solutions to the electricity sector in Israel, which at the time was managed by a monopoly that was not in a position to provide for the long-term needs of the country.

This group had a vision of what the future would bring and, a few years later, the electricity sector was opened up to competition, natural gas was discovered, and the need to switch to renewable energies grew even greater.
Since then, the Edeltech Group has been a leader in promoting knowledge and proven abilities in the generation and supply of inexpensive, safe and clean energy for industry and contributed to opening the electricity sector up to competition.

About Us

The group plays a central role in transforming the electricity sector in Israel into an advanced and green sector- over three decades of activity, the group has successfully led a series of complex energy projects that include development and construction of private natural gas-fired power plants, and providing operational and maintenance services to power plants that are currently responsible for a respectable share of total electricity production in Israel.

Thanks to its work, the group has gained recognition for its important contribution to Israeli industry, as well as the provision of tangible value to its customers, through its abilities to provide comprehensive solutions from the development stage of the project, design, financing, and construction to current operations.

Today, the Edeltech Group successfully operates five privately owned power plants: Dorad, Ramat Negev , Ashdod Energy Orot Yosef and Orot Pnina, and it will soon begin operating an advanced solar plant. All of the company’s energy facilities are recognized for their abilities to supply clean electricity with maximum efficiency, at competitive prices, with strong environmental consciousness, financial strength and secure yields enjoyed by the investors.

The Edeltech Group is committed to continuing to drive Israeli industry forward to a prosperous future through production of sources of energy through the latest methods and the provision of industrial services, all relying on the company's human capital and use of the world's most advanced technologies.

Edeltech is proud to be a strategic partner in the development of complicated energy and infrastructure projects and a leading partner in the advancement of the Israeli energy market.

A 360 Powerhouse

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Years of activity


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Solar power plant in planning


Megawatts supplied daily to the market by the power plants


Approximately 20% of Israel’s overall power consumption is currently produced by the Company's power plants


Operation & Maintenance companies providing high-quality services through the country

Operation & Maintenance

Over $4 billion is the overall investment in power plants that we own & operate

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