Being a 360˚ energy powerhouse and at the forefront of technology, supporting private power plants with their daily operation and maintenance (O&M) is at our core. Edeltech O&M was founded in 2013 as a professional O&M arm that leads the revolution of the private electricity market with dedication, excellent service and professionalism. Most importantly we make it happen.

At Edeltech O&M it’s all about the people

We  invest in our people to help them constantly broaden their expertise in the field. At Edeltech O&M, we believe it’s all up to us. It is with this in mind that we take responsibility for everything that we do. It is this responsibility that pushes us to operate and maintain all power plants with utmost knowledge and experience.

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Edeltech O&M

our services include

Edeltech O&M
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Maintenance and operation of permits according the law
  • Planned maintenance according to manufacturer’s instructions
  • LTSA provider for GT, ST and GEN
  • Unplanned maintenance for all equipment
  • DCS support
  • Manage client’s IPP inventory
  • Upgrades, additions and updated
  • Remote management of technical issues
Edeltech O&M
  • Warranty claims, management of main contractor
  • Parts supply and renovation
  • Supply management
  • Power plant operations and maintenance (Gas and steam turbines)
  • Operations of factories and production lines
  • Contractual management, billing and collecting
  • Professional chemical lab services
  • Cyber security
  • Site security according regulations
Edeltech O&M
  • Communication with national power and gas suppliers
  • IT optimization for maximal facility functionality and availability
  • Physical onsite professional security team management with  leading technological support
  • HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) focusing on power plants  and complex industrial facilities
  • Direct communications with engineering parts and exchange  parts suppliers (local and global)
  • IT management of purchasing, storage and logistics
  • Real time upgrade orders and guidance