Mishor Rotem Power Plant


Location Adjacent to the Haifa Chemicals plant at Mishor Rotem

Operational technology Cogeneration

Cost of construction $250 million

Output Approximately 140 MW of electricity

It is interesting to note – In addition to electricity, the advanced plant will supply the Haifa Chemicals facility with approximately 100 tons of steam/hour. This will meet all of the facility’s electricity and steam needs at a cost that is lower than rates currently paid, and leave surplus steam and electricity for plants that will be built at Mishor Rotem. Surplus electricity will be sold to both private consumers and to the Israel Electric Corporation.

Solad Energy

Solad Energy

Location Adjacent to the Solbar Protein Foods plant in Ashdod’s northern industrial zone.

Operational technology Combined cycle, including gas turbines, steam generators and steam turbine

Cost of construction Approximately $125 million

Anticipated start of operations 2019

Output Up to 77 MW

Controlling shareholders Edeltech Group

Operation and maintenance company Edeltech O&M, a member of Edeltech Group

It is interesting to note – In addition to electricity, the factory is expected to benefit from up to 30 tons of steam/hour generated at the plant. The surplus electricity will be transferred to various other electricity consumers through the national electricity grid. Additional surplus electricity will be sold to the Israel Electric Corporation.

Kochav Hatavor Energy

Kochav Hatavor

Location Approximately 3.5 km from Moshav Ramat Tzvi, on land belonging to the moshav

Output 1,200 MW

It is interesting to note – The plant will supply electricity to customers in the region and throughout Israel. Significant resources were invested in the design of the project, in order to minimize its environmental footprint. The location of the plant was carefully selected to reduce the adverse effect on the landscape as much as possible. Additionally, the plant is designed so that it will comply with all the strict regulations relating to air quality and operational safety standards, out of concern for the region’s ecological resources.