Bringing clean energy
to Israel

Production and provision of clean, stable and inexpensive energy are essential to the development and prosperity of the Israeli economy. This, however, depends on the ability to open the electricity sector to competition and bring it up to date with advanced technology.

The Edeltech Group - one of the largest and leading energy companies in Israel - has operated over the past decades to establish an open, competitive and quality electricity sector through the design and construction of natural gas-powered power stations, and looking to the future, by promoting renewable energy solutions, pumped energy storage and more.

Edeltech and EZOM – its operational arm, is leading the Israeli energy market forward to a more advanced, higher quality, and increasingly competitive market: The group is highly experienced with everything required to generate energy, including development, design, financing, construction and operation of energy facilities through accrued operational know-how.

Delivering more from energy

The group's power plants are at the forefront of modern technology, providing a range of benefits to the company's customer’s and true value to Israeli industry.

Multiple capabilities under a single roof

The Edeltech Group is one of the only companies in Israel that has proven accrued local professional know-how, that handles all stages of design, construction and operation of complex energy projects, including development, proper and efficient design, quick construction, operation and prudent and successful business management.






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Establishment of Edeltech & start of a new energy era

Initial discovery of gas in Israel’s economic waters

Establishment of Dorad Israel’s first and largest private power plant

Establishment of power plants, Ramat Negev Energy & Ashdod Energy

Establishment of EZOM Edeltech’s operational arm development, construction, operation and maintenance of power plants and industrial facilities

Establishment of Edeltech Renewable Energies – the group’s renewable energy arm

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