The private electricity sector is developing and advancing at the speed of light and we discover every day advanced innovations and developments in this fascinating field. Ezom, the pioneer in this field, was incorporated in 2013 in order to lead the spirit of change, in order to provide services of operation, current maintenance and heavy maintenance to power plants and various industrial plants, throughout the country. The Company is obligated to the provision of reliable service adapted to the customer, and to a quick and high quality response.

The Company has over 150 experienced and skilled workers who have undergone extensive training in Israel and abroad in the various professions, including certification for working with natural gas and have proven their capabilities by achieving very high availability levels for the power plants and industrial plants that they operate and maintain.

Ezom set up a central, experienced and leading engineering body in the field of operation and maintenance, whose role is to provide engineering support to the teams at the power plants and industrial plants, thus allowing for professional and fast failure response around the clock.

The Company, through its employees and managers, has experience of many years and capabilities of management, power stations and plants construction, financial planning, support from the stage of initiation until financial closing and construction of the station/plant, project management, data protection, management of licensing and permit processes.

The Company’s structure provides our customers with the advantages of a company with nationwide presence:

• Central headquarters – concentrating the managerial capabilities and the engineering and technological know-how required to support the various professional teams (finance, procurement and supply, human resources, project management, data protection and management of processes for obtaining administrative and defense permits and licenses.)

• Local professional teams – responsible for the operation, current maintenance and heavy maintenance at the power plants and at the various industrial plants.

• Task dedicated teams – nationwide.

All of the processes are managed through secured designated IT systems which were developed and adjusted especially for the customers’ needs and the nature of their business.

This method meets all of the operation, current maintenance and heavy maintenance needs required at power plants and industrial plants, including:

• Current maintenance

• Heavy scheduled maintenance (LTSA)

• Unscheduled maintenance

• Additions, upgrades and changes

• Computer management of maintenance work and failures

• Liability claim management vis-à-vis the chief contractor

• Supply of new and refurbished parts

• Inventory management

• Operation and maintenance of power plants (gas turbines and steam)

• Operation of plants and production lines

• Customer contract management, billing and collection

• Data protection management and performance to address cyber attacks

• Management of engagements with the national electricity system manager and the gas suppliers

• Computer optimization to ensure maximal availability and functioning of the facilities

• Management of physical security for the sites by teams of skilled security professionals and sophisticated technological means

• HSE Management, with a focus on complex power plants and industrial facilities

• Direct contact with the engineering equipment and spare parts manufacturers (in Israel and overseas)

• Computer management of procurement, storage facilities and logistics

• Receipt of online updates for Service Bulletin